About the Company

CURE is focused on providing options for patients with cannabis medicine to aid with current/previous medical conditions. We are focused on providing therapeutic properties of natural cannabinoid formulations as brands for patient usage. Our team is focused on creating brands that provide a mechanism of action for patients with both the CBD, THC, and THCa molecular structures. These brands will be in the form of gel caps, oral liquid drops, suppositories, and a-topical creams.

Focus on Patients

Our focus continues to be patient advocates in the daily changing medical field. Our team understands the stress put on families when a family member is ill. It is our duty as a medical company to provide patients and families with cutting edge options in medicine. Providing patients with safe CBD, THC and THCa molecules continues to be our focus in aiding families with options. For this reason, we chose the name CURE (Cannabis Used for Research and Education).